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    • 25 Nov 2019 Deadline for exhibitor application
    • 4-5 Dec 2019 Congress and Exhibition


      General Directorate of Highways and Turkish Road Association (TRA) have jointly held several organizations on bridges and tunnels that have become irreplaceable structures for highways and intelligent transportation systems that are the operating equipment of these pieces ever since General Directorate of Highways and Turkish Road Association decided to organize events like congress, symposium and seminars to evaluate the stages of highways and the share the experiences, new practices and developments from the world with the shareholders of the sector.

      Within this context, National Tunnelling and Underground Space Congress and Exhibition, first of which was held in 2016, the second one will be organized on December 4-5, 2019 in Sheraton Hotel & Convention Center Ankara in Turkey.

      Turkey as a country with a wide history in terms of underground cities built as living space of people are commonly using tunnels in infrastructure systems like producing electricity hydroelectric power plants,  dams irrigating plains, transporting fresh water to houses  and workplaces, transporting waste water to treatment plants, mining coal known as ‘’black diamond’’, critical railway lines, highways connecting the cities and many other fields. Today thanks to the progresses in technology and construction methods, tunnels have become irreplaceable structures especially in terms of raising the geometrical standards of highways.

      The primary target of General Directorate of Highways established in 1950 was to restructure the roads built for trailers according to the necessities of modern transportation vehicles and to build new roads. With the construction of multi-lane express roads and highways between 1970s and 1990s, twin-tube tunnels have taken the place of single tube tunnels. At the end of 1990s, New Austrian Tunnelling Method was started to be used in tunnel planning and construction works. With this change, an outstanding increase can be observed in tunnel construction on highways because of topographical conditions, geological structure, encountering undesired condition like landslides and high volumes of cut, climate conditions and increasing necessity for building high standard roads. Nowadays, in a period that highway sector of our country is growing in all aspects, passing the critical passages on roads with tunnels is quite adopted as a result of experiences gained with developing planning and construction techniques.

      Turkey due to her geographical location, has been a part of many international projects related to providing regional and interregional highway connection and in recent years tunnels constructed with modern planning and construction techniques have been put into service one by one in our country.

      Our country has become one of the prominent counties on tunnel construction in the world because of the 14 km long Ovit Tunnel including the snow shed of 14,4 km that started service in 2018 to connect İkizdere/Rize and İspir/Erzurum. Ovit Tunnel with its current length is the longest twin-tube highway tunnel in Turkey, second in Europe and third in the world.

      Furthermore Yeni Zigana Tunnel with the length of 14,5 km whose construction is still going on, will be the longest twin-tube highway tunnel in Turkey and in Europe and the second in the world when its construction is completed.

      With the 2nd National Tunnelling and Underground Space Congress and Exhibition organized by Turkish Road Association under the auspices of the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure and with the technical assistance of General Directorate of Highways, it’s aimed to gather all partners of tunnelling sector together, provide an adequate platform to share the latest developments of tunnel planning, construction techniques and experiences gained during the process.

      During the congress there will also be an exhibition in which local and foreign machine, equipment and material manufacturers and suppliers related to production and implementation of special elements in tunnelling will take place.

      As Turkish Road Association we are kindly inviting all related parties from universities, institutions and the tunnelling sector in the world as audience or as exhibitor, to the 2nd National Tunnelling and Underground Space Congress and Exhibition in which will evaluate tunnelling with all different aspects and kindly awaiting your valuable participation.